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Celebrity gossip: the cost of fame


Celebrities live lovely lives, or so we think. We read about their lavish lifestyles in celebrity gossip magazines. We look at their attractive partners, their sparkling jewelry, and their elegant homes. Many celebrity gossip readers wish to live such a life in the lap of luxury. But do we think about how the little things in life that make life livable are being lost? I mean, no celebrity can go out and hang out with friends when they become the darling of the entertainment news columns. His private life practically ends there. So he’s just a normal person trying to fool the paparazzi and protect his privacy as much as he can.

There are two questions here. Do celebrities really want celebrity gossip sites to talk about every little aspect of their life? The answer is yes and no. They want celebrity gossip sites and other publications to talk about them because that gives them publicity and visibility. Being featured in tabloid newspapers and entertainment news portals has a strong impression on the celebrity’s following. When tabloids and magazines talk about them extensively, the celebrity knows that he is interesting and popular enough for people to talk about him. When they see the paparazzi in line, they know they have accomplished something important. It is like a yardstick to measure your success.

The answer is no when it comes to celebrity gossip sites deeply investigating their private lives. Celebrity gossip sites issue date alerts even when a male celebrity is with a celebrity of the opposite sex. Constant scrutiny and a life under the paparazzi microscope, that’s what celebrities get as a by-product of fame. They can’t go shopping with their family, they can’t sneak out with their partner for a quiet dinner, they can’t even go to party town! It’s like whatever they do, entertainment portals and tabloids will write about them. Exaggeration is an essential enemy here! There are very few posts that actually authenticate a celebrity story before it goes viral.

The second question is: do celebrity gossip sites help the celebrity? This answer is a resounding yes! Celebrities use celebrity gossip sites to promote their movies and music. Journalists who write for these entertainment portals are wooed to get rave reviews on movies and music. They like to answer tons of stupid questions about their life and lifestyle to please the yellow journalists. They deliberately plant the paparazzi in their favorite spots so they can click on them. They know that they cannot stop the news from spreading, so they make sure to use these sites and portals as vehicles and means to promote their cause.

So the next time you find a celebrity lashing out at a celebrity gossip site or threatening to sue an entertainment portal, make sure they’ll do a double twist when it comes to using this celebrity gossip site! Everything is a case of mutual understanding and existence. And as long as no one complains seriously, your honeymoon can last for an extended period!


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