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Consumer Protection for Home Buyers in British Columbia

British Columbia has the most robust construction defect protection system for buyers of new homes in Canada. This consumer protection is provided through the Homeowner Protection Act. Under this provincial legislation, all new homes offered for sale or built under a construction contract in British Columbia must meet the following requirements:

  • new homes must be constructed by a builder licensed by BC Housing, and
  • New homes must have third-party home warranty insurance. This home warranty insurance provides up to two years of coverage for defects in design, materials, and labor (some limits apply), five years for defects in the building envelope, and 10 years for structural defects (so it’s often referred to as “2-5-10”). If a new home is re-sold within 10 years, any remaining home warranty insurance coverage is automatically passed on to subsequent purchasers.

However, some new homes, such as those constructed by owner builders, are exempt. These consumer protections, exemptions, and steps you can take to protect yourself as a homebuyer are described in more detail in this guide.


There are further consumer protection measures for some strata homes that require major building envelope repairs in British Columbia’s coastal climatic zone. In some cases, contractors carrying out building envelope renovations must be licensed by BC Housing. The building envelope renovation must be covered by third-party home warranty insurance for five years. Visit our website at for more information.


  • Get all the information you need before you buy a home to protect yourself as a consumer
  • BC’s Homeowner Protection Act provides consumer protection for buyers of new homes in British Columbia.
  • All new homes in British Columbia must be constructed by a Licensed Residential Builder and covered by third-party home warranty insurance.

British Columbia has the most robust construction defect protection system for buyers of new homes in Canada.

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