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Entertainment: celebrity gossip

Becoming a celebrity means going public. A celebrity loses the privacy of personal life because the public has an interest in the celebrity’s life regardless of the size of the problem. This is the award of fame for most celebrities.

When an announcement about the status of a celebrity is made public at any point in their life, a fine line separates the announcement as news from gossip.

In general, the news is a statement or information about any development that involves problems, activities and personalities in a certain period of time. News can be communicated through radio, newspapers, television, or simply through daily conversation.

Well, celebrity gossip is also communicated using the same means. In recent years, with the development of Internet networks, gossip has gained more ground on the Internet and simple daily conversations than any other form of medium. Most of the gossip revolves around specific issues of famous personalities.

The news, by contrast, does not focus on a specific one-person topic, but covers anything from current developments in business, government affairs, global warming, the arts, science, and technology.

Gossip and news can differ particularly in the information they are intended to convey. The news is present in a simple report with supporting materials to back up the facts, while the gossip does not provide any proof, but more guesswork.

Clearly, the gossip is based on unconfirmed information of what people say or have said about celebrities.

With uncensored and unplanned photos and videos of celebrities and presented to the public as it unfolded, the paparazzi take celebrity gossip to a whole new level.

Often times, the story that an image exists and that this image is being distributed on the web for all to see spreads like wildfire during hot summer days. As the image is seen by more people, the discussion on the same topic grows and turns into scandalous gossip.

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