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Home-based business challenges


What are some of the biggest challenges in your home business? Do you struggle to stay focused? Are you trying to figure out how to do sales and marketing? Having trouble with administrative tasks? Let’s talk about it.

I have been operating a home business since 2000 and my home business challenges have spanned a wide range of areas.

Like everyone else, I struggled with how to effectively market my business (especially when I was new). I was constantly struggling to find new marketing ideas, generate more leads, and simply reach more leads.

Another big problem was that I struggled to maintain any kind of work-life balance. The number of times he worked through the night to be greeted by the morning sun became too many to count. To this day, I believe that “balance” is a myth. We always lean one way or the other as our priorities change. At first, it was about getting the business moving. Then the focus shifted to building memories, coaching basketball, making sure my wife and I had our weekly date night, etc.

A big one: I struggled with tax planning and accounting. (Hint: hire a CPA early in the process.)

As the years went by, I got better at generating leads, tracking, and closing sales. I learned how to better manage my time and be more productive. I was able to build my business from home and really enjoy the freedom it gave me.

Fast forward almost 20 years, my biggest business challenges from home have more to do with my social life.

My children have grown up and moved. My wife passed away in 2013. I spend more time alone than in many years and it is a strange feeling, to say the least. I don’t mean to say this is an “woe is me” post. I have plenty of opportunities to meet friends. I play a lot of music on the weekends and I really enjoy my life.

Life is just different now. Before, while building my business from home, I was constantly interacting with my wife and children. These days, I find myself sitting alone working quite a bit.

Before, I could often get up from my desk and talk to my wife or children. These days, I just look around and think, “Well … I think I could read another article on SEO or watch a video on content development.”

I love what I do for a living. I miss so much of the social interaction that comes with having a house full of Rooney.

Maybe it’s time to create or find a local networking group for people like me who need more social interaction with other home business professionals.

I’ll have to think about that.

What are some of the challenges of your own home business? Share your thoughts and questions here. We could have a great conversation together!


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