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Online Business: Is It For You?


I’m going to start with a bit of a ‘controversial statement (as I am quite prone to do):

Starting a business, online (or offline) is NOT for everyone and may actually NOT be for YOU.

If you are looking to work for yourself and start a business, you may be the best carpenter, painter, mechanic, salesperson, etc., BUT it may not be for you: if you do not have or do not acquire certain traits, skills and experience, you will probably fail (You might end up owing a lot of money!) And being an employee is probably better for you – especially if you prefer: –

regular hours,

regular payment,

regular vacations,

sick pay, or

they are risk averse,

they lack willpower and stamina.

Being self-employed and starting a business is definitely NOT a job. You must ask yourself if starting and (hopefully) running a viable and successful business is for YOU, and no one else.

This is exactly the same for an online business, maybe more. Simply setting up a website for your offline business is definitely NOT classified as running an online business; Actually every offline business is required to have a website as an online presence at a minimum, however if you are really ready to set up an online business then there are details that need to be addressed: –

Is not easy

Take time

It takes MONEY (maybe not much at first, but it costs if done right!)

NOT a ‘get rich quick’ solution

You will have to LEARN and develop a new skill set and become comfortable with marketing

An understanding of computers will be required and you must be willing to learn

Compared to a “traditional” offline business, an online business can be very profitable as a startup. So … What do YOU ​​view as an online business?

Many people have found many ways to run a successful (profitable?) Online business. I personally made a decent living selling items and information on a ‘popular’ auction site, but the methods I have learned are just a few and I am still looking to learn other methodologies and processes today.

For example, “Google” (funny how it became a “verb”!) Or put in your search engine “make money online”. At the time of this writing, this yields 165 million results, so there are many ways (some well, some not so much!) Regarding making money online. Take a good look around you and see how big the online business is and how vast the opportunities are. The only thing I recommend is NOT to buy anything before you have reviewed it well – there are many scams and totally useless products / programs out there – so Caveat Emptor: – ‘Buyer Beware’!

I want you to understand the variety of opportunities that exist and that what may be right for some people may not be right for others.

However, looking at things from a positive angle, I think that the positive points of an online business are:

Anyone can start and run a business, without restrictions on age, race, gender, education, privileges

No commuting or having to get up and prepare for an early or late start

You are working for yourself, not as a wage slave for an ungrateful boss / company


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