Online jobs versus online businesses

Online jobs


It’s your online business, not your online hobby

An online business versus an online job has a different mindset for the individual. A job is something you do for someone else. It is something that dominates your day and your time with a pre-established schedule.

Work is your teacher, not the other way around. You work for someone else. Even if this is online, the truth remains the same … you are still an employee. You have heard that you can earn money online by working online for a company or a third party (this is not as an affiliate or seller). Do work for someone else and complete a W4.

For me, this is literally the lifestyle that I intended to avoid when I entered the online business. This model could not and would not.

I know you see the ads. “We’re looking to give housekeeping jobs,” but some of these places may not only not offer you a good job, but also put horrible hours on you. Not all are like this, although some are.

Why I like the online business model

For me it’s about control. I like to control my day. If I want to work in the morning, I can do this. If I want to work until the wee hours of the morning … it’s my right. Why? Because I decide how successful (or unsuccessful) my business is and this is through my effort.

It can be the highest paid hard work I’ve ever done or the easiest and lowest paid job I’ve ever done. This falls squarely on my shoulders. You will see that the problem with many online companies that you can work for is stability.

Many of them surprise people who make great claims that make things look easy. For example, you might read something like “Make money online today, between $ 55 and $ 65 per hour, no experience required.”

What happens is that unsuspecting people who trust these people invest time, money and effort in a business that might not last the rest of the year. I have seen it with my own eyes. I always advocate starting your own online business. Why do you ask? Who can you trust better than you? I’ll tell you, if I’m going to invest in something, it will be me, period.

You will not be disappointed

When you succeed, your loved ones succeed. Those you care about succeed. It’s about grabbing your dream and never letting it go. Working for someone else helps you promote your dream through your effort. Working for yourself helps you make your dreams come true.

I know where the difficulty comes in. It is in the beginning. How do you start? Where do you start? Can I start my business online quickly and with minimal investment?


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