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Top 10 Huey Lewis and the news hits


Hugh Anthony Cregg III was born in New York City on July 5, 1950.

In the early 1970s, Huey Lewis played the harmonica and sang with the Clover band. They recorded several albums in the San Francisco Bay area. Huey also plays with the Thin Lizzy band.

In 1979, he recruited musicians Marc Cipollina, whose brother, John, played with Quicksiler Messenger Service, Bill Gibson and Johnny Colla and formed the band Huey Lewis & the American Express. After complaints from the credit card company of the same name, the band changed their name to Huey Lewis & the News in 1980. It was here that musician Chris Hayes was brought in.

His first self-titled album, in 1980, went unnoticed. But, their second album, “Picture This” gave them their first hit single, “Do You Believe In Love?”

On the charts, Huey Lewis & the News had 12 top ten singles, three of them reaching number one. Here are the top ten singles from Huey Lewis & the News, according to Billboard’s weekly Top 40 charts:

1. Stuck On You – 1986 – The band’s biggest single was the first song released from their “Fore!” album and spent three weeks at number one.

2. The Power of Love – 1985 – His first number one single is from the movie “Back to the Future” and the song was nominated for an Academy Award. Huey appears in a cameo in the film. Christopher Lloyd (Dr. Emmett Brown in the film) appears in the music video.

3. Jacob’s Ladder – 1987 – The band’s only other number one single was written by Bruce Hornsby and his brother, John. Hornsby later recorded his version of this song on his 1988 album, “Scenes From the Southside.”

4. Hip to Be Square – 1986 – The backing vocals for this song are San Francisco Forty-niners quarterback Joe Montana and Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott. The song appeared in the movie “American Psycho”. Sesame Street used an educational version of the song titled “Hip to Be a Square.”

5. Perfect World – 1988 – The band’s latest top ten single was written by former Clover member Alex Call. The music video shows the band playing in a garbage can.

6. The Heart of Rock & Roll – 1984 – This single comes from the album “Sports” which generated four top ten singles.

7. I Want A New Drug – 1984 – Also from the “Sports” album, Huey ended up suing Ray Parker Jr. when the similarities between this song and Parker’s theme song to the 1984 movie “Ghostbusters” were heard. They were resolved out of court.

8. If This Is It – 1984 – Again, from the album “Sports”, the music video for this song was filmed on the boardwalk of Santa Cruz beach.

9. Doing It All For My Baby – 1987 – Reaching number six on the weekly charts, this song, from “Fore!” album, featured Huey as a Dr. Frankenstein character in the video.

10. Do you believe in love? – 1982 – Originally titled, “We both believe in love,” this was the band’s breakout single and took them to the top ten for the first time.

Huey Lewis & the News had two other top-ten singles: “Heart and Soul” (1983) and “I Know What I Like” (1987).

“The Heart of Rock and Roll ‘won them their only Grammy Award for Best Music Video; both that and” The Power of Love “were nominated for Grammy’s Record of the Year. The band also received a Grammy for their participation in the song.” We Are The World “from USA For Africa in 1986.

Huey appeared and co-starred with Gwyneth Paltrow in the 2000 film, “Duets.”

At the time of this writing (2013), Huey Lewis and the News are thrilling audiences with music by recording a new album, with all new material and going on tour to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their album “Sports”.


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