Why Feature request software?

Feature request software

Customer feedback matters. It’s at the heart of every thriving business. Feedback takes the expectations, likes, and dislikes of your clients. To make a powerful relationship with their clients, companies need to listen to everything they have to say, act on it, and close the feedback loop by notifying them.

Feature request software assists you with settling on informed item choices.

Learn what your clients want so you can make the most impactful features.

Feature requests are suppositions that a client prescribes adding to the item to make it extraordinary. That can be anything contrasting from a little button idea to totally new usefulness. An element demand is a correspondence between you, the item supervisor, and your end clients.

Why Feature Request Management Software?

A feature request management software retains track of all feature requests from clients, teammates, and other stakeholders, in an ordered and consolidated way. As a result, it helps to get informed product choices and avoid missing important product feedback.

One of the common problems with feature requests is that they are usually precise to the customer who requested them. While a company may benefit from a specific integration, you require to ask yourself how much this will help most clients and the product as a whole. But while feature requests can seem a burden, they can have a very positive impression on both your product and your connection with your customers when they are appropriately managed.

Whether or not you put the idea into development, as long as you answer correctly to the request, you will have supported your relationship with your clients. And of course, if the question is for a feature that you hadn’t before thought of that and fits correctly with your product goals and strategy, it can end up drastically changing your product.

The critical factor when it comes to managing feature requests is organization. If you have a messy system, you’ll find it hard to stay ahead of all the various opinions and feedback you get from clients. One of the most reliable ways is to use dedicated product management software like Rapidr, which incorporates the whole product planning process. You can then take each feature request, add it to your idea portal and connect any appropriate suggestions to features in the feature list.

Feature Requests vs Bugs?

A bug is a mess to adapt to reasonable expectations based on conditions and norms. A feature is a unit of functionality that requesting as a claim by a user.

Feature Request Tracking Software for Product Teams and SaaS businesses

Get informed product arrangements with Rapidr’s automatic feature to catch and prioritize feature requests, review and vote (feature request voting tool) on them, grow them in the roadmap, notify users and close the feedback loop. Let the voice of your client be your leader for making the right features – one place to manage your product feedback and make features your clients want.


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