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Sinful is how women have always described chocolate. But despite that, do you know that 99% of all women love chocolate and that they may actually prefer chocolate more than sex?

What exactly about chocolate? Is it so wonderful? Well, in fact, not only do women love it, but almost everyone would love it too. I think you enjoy chocolate that much? It always feels so good to have it melted in your mouth, delivering its wonderful flavor through your tongue, doesn’t it?

Well, apart from its wonderful taste, chocolate contains phenylethylamine, the same chemical that is released in your brain when you fall in love; leading to that increase in your heartbeat, feeling a sudden rush of arousal. “Love Chemical” is what some would call it. The researcher also believes that phenylethylamine in turn causes the brain to release mesolimbic dopamine in the brain’s pleasure centers, another chemical in which its presence is highest during an orgasm.

However, the sweetness of chocolate also triggers the release of endorphins. Think of that happy feeling you had after a wonderful lovemaking session. That is the effect of endorphin production in your body. Perhaps this is why some women actually commented that they felt a sense of glee from eating chocolate.

Well, a perfect gift for your love, the chocolate will be. Like shopping for roses on Valentine’s Day, chocolate can never go wrong. In fact, the two might be the best combination of all time. Did you know that roses also contain the “chemical of love” phenylethylamine? That explains its distinctive aroma.

Giving chocolate as a gift of love has long been popular in Japan since the late 1950s. Although a little different; During Valentine’s Day, the donors are women, and chocolates are usually sent as gifts to confess their love for that special boy. Heart-shaped chocolates were usually given. However, to balance this unique custom, “White Day” was later invented in Japan. March 14 falls, exactly one month after Valentine’s Day. During this day, the boys who received the chocolate will have the opportunity to return their Valentine’s gifts with soft and fluffy marshmallows. This would be the happiest day for girls who receive their fluffy gifts. Isn’t it so beautiful?

Well, giving chocolate as a gift of love has definitely become more and more popular. Along with the greeting card, your message of love will be delivered. Filled with your most genuine love, each chocolate will contain. Melt your heart as they melt in your mouth, warm your heart as the sweetness runs down your tongue.

Why not send a little to your loved ones today, brightening their day with such loving chocolate?


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